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Xbox forum community Xperts

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Xbox forum community Xperts Empty Xbox forum community Xperts

Post by Xenovive on Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:18 pm

So the brand new addition to the Xbox.com forums is the new community Xperts.
Here is a brief FAQ released by machetebetty co fou der of the ambassador program.

1.     What is this Xbox Community Xperts BETA thing I keep hearing about?

Xbox Community Xperts program is a user-to-user connecting chat application on Xbox.com.  It helps people with Xbox-related questions to find people with answers to those question in real-time.  The program is currently in BETA as we try to tweak it to optimize the experience for Xperts and helpees alike.

2.    So this isn’t official Xbox support?

No, using the Xbox Community Xperts chat application is more like posting a question to the Forums- but in real time.  

3.    Where can I ask the Xperts a question?

When it’s live, you will be able to go to support.xbox.com, hover over the “Community” image, and click on the Xperts link.  From there you can just type your question in the chat window and you’ll be matched with an Xpert based on your question.

4.    What else do I need to know about asking questions of Xperts?

Be sure to RATE your Xpert at the end of the chat.  To end the chat, type “bye”, and then you’ll be prompted to rate your Xpert 1-9.  

And never, ever, EVER give out your password + WLID !

5.     Can the Xpert see my Gamertag?

NO, we are working toward that functionality.  For right, for now both the Xpert and helpee,  the chat name that will show is whatever name they put on their Profile page in live.com / Hotmail.com / passport.net.

6.     What do I do if my Xpert is a jerk, or if I have a suggestion for the program?

You can report abuse and send us feedback t xcxhelp@microsoft.com.  Please note any false accusations regarding other users will be taken very seriously.

7.     I have questions about the beta application process.

    a.    I’m an Ambassador with access to the Ambassador forums and did not receive an invite.

        i.    Check all your email addresses.  If you already had a Windows LIVE ID (WLID) in an MS Connect account it would’ve been sent to that email address.  Else, it would’ve been sent to the email address from which you sent your Ambassador application.

        ii.    If you still can’t find it, send a Forums PM to MacheteBetty.  This usually happens is you have changed your WLID or Gamertag since acceptance in the Ambassador program.

    b.    The Ambassador page on Xbox.com lists me but I don’t have access to the Ambassador forums and would like them.
        i.    Our mistake for listing you; we’ll change it the next time we update that page but that may not be any time soon.  

        ii.    If you’d like to apply to be an Ambassador, you can do so via the mini-application in the Xperts application survey.  We will update this thread when we process those but it won’t be till after the Xperts beta.

    c.    I’m not an Ambassador but I got an invite.

        i.    Congrats!  Weird!  Join us if you want to, else, ignore.

    d.    I just filled out the survey- how long till I know if I’ve been accepted?

        i.    You will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection within 48 hours, normally sooner.

    e.     I got an acceptance email but I do not see the Xperts program in my Connect dashboard.
        i.    While viewing “My Dashboard” in Connect, make sure the upper-right dropdown box “Displaying products with items:” is set to “all items regardless of updates.”
    f.    I want to be an Xpert!  How can I apply?

        i.    The beta is closed for now.  We will update this thread if that changes.  Members accepted within the first week have codes to share with folks they think would be good Xperts beta participants and there are still some of those floatin’ around.

    g.    WHAH?!  I was accepted and am now rejected?!  I want to appeal!

        i.    Xbox Community Xperts has a zero-tolerance policy for violation of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox.com Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.  If an Xbox LIVE enforcement action is taken against you after you’ve been accepted into the beta, you will be rejected from the program.

        ii.    All decisions made by the Xbox LIVE Enforcers are final.

    h.    Do I have to reapply after the beta?  

        i.    No- unless you get booted for misbehavior, once you’re in, you’re in. Smile

Xbox forum community Xperts Xenovive
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