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Community Review - Advertising Field

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Completed Community Review - Advertising Field

Post by Xenovive on Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:30 am

Community Review - Advertising Field Review10

Name of Forum

Founder: Xenovive

Community Review - Advertising Field Review12 Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The
forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback
that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum

Community Review - Advertising Field Genera12 Generalities

  1. First Impressions (Score: 19/20):
    Warm Xbox Like Look and feel scrolling bar

  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 8/10):
    They Need Pictures by the sides
    In a good order and quallity boards

Generalities total :: /30

Community Review - Advertising Field Forums10 Forum Style

  1. Major Graphics (Score: 10/10):
    Very good good blend witht the theme right size aswell
    Navigation Bar
    Blending and spaced out enoguh well done
  2. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 10/10):
    Forum Layout is good things look where they should be all thinks check out. The colour scheme is great not too dark but not to light
  3. Images & Icons (Score: 8/10):
    Look Good for the posts and stuff I cant see any for the boards tough you may want to look in to that

Forum Style total :: 28/30

Community Review - Advertising Field Usergr10 Usergroups

  1. Population of Groups (Score: 7/10):
    Not as good as it could be try hiring some more staff
  2. Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 9/10):
    Good Groups Id say you have done a good job on them

Usergroups :: 16/20

Community Review - Advertising Field Foruma30 Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 9/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 308 messages
    We have 16 registered users
    The newest registered user is Jamie360
    Good everything looking ok
  2. Users Active (Score: 9/10):
    Members connected during last 24 hours : Adam, Ix GeNoCiDeZ xI, Jamie360, Live Lounge Newshound, Nathan7777777, platesmasher43, The Walrus Of Love, Tripp, Xenovive
    Alot of active menbera

Forum Activity total :: 18/20

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Community Review - Advertising Field Xenovive
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Site Founder

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Completed Re: Community Review - Advertising Field

Post by Sparx on Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:34 pm

Pretty decent review chaps I reckon this should be stickied or somthing so other people will look at this
Tech Team
Tech Team

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