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Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back! Empty Welcome Back!

Post by Xenovive on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:51 am

Welcome back Gamers to the Re-opening of The Xbox Live Lounge

I do apologise for the shutting down of these forums but i had alot on my plate and because we were still only small it was easier to just shut off instead of handing it over to sombody else to carry on.

So now we are reopening and although it will be slow as i and other staff still have our own lives outside of this, we will do what we can as fast as we can!

Anybody who wishes to help out in anyway please dont hesitate to ask!

The staffing and jobs will be reorganised, if you know of anybody who wants to have a go at anything please let me know.

you ask to have a go by clicking -->Here<--

Welcome back everybody Smile

Welcome Back! Xenovive
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