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TDU2 Club - The Relentless

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TDU2 Club - The Relentless Empty TDU2 Club - The Relentless

Post by Xenovive on Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:49 am

Hello prospective members,

I consider myself a more than casual gamer and enjoy full range of game aspects in TDU2.
After doing some reading, I decided to form club that has something for everyone. The Xbox360 club features should be up by Thursday evening if I read correctly. with that in mind I propose a club for gamers like myself. To race, to gamble, to cruise, to challenge, to explore will be our focuses. Yeah I know...thats everything the game offers. I think to limit the type of club to specifics for members like (Off-road racing only) or (hardcore multi-player challenges) will limit the possible club progression in the end. I do think one specific is a plus but not a requirement and that is platform (Xbox360 will allow us to see each other online and send requests to game with one another) but again...not a requirement to join.

Bullet points below:
*recruiting friends into club
*finishing storyline (yup get to work earning all the licenses & championships)
*exploring good racing spots (basically willing to learn and help others with all aspects of the game).
*Competitive Racing
*Multi-Player Challenges
*Casino play
*Midnight Road Mountain Cruises

I can make a suggestion that 18+ older apply as I cannot guarantee language will be censored when we are playing.


See you in-game...on one side or the other....

Club Name - The Relentless
We currently do not have any limitations for club members so it doesnt matter what level you are or how often you play.

Everyone who wants to join needs to send me a Private Message on the forum stating the following:

Forum Name:
When online:

This is done so that when i put you as a member of the club, others will be able to check the forums for new members and add you on Xbox Live, and know when your going to be online so they can join you... You will not be able to be a member unless your active on the forums and send me this information!...

Finally, all new members will be starting off at the lowest ranking, this is to make it fair. Everyone has to earn there ranking in the club by helping me and helping others and showing me that you can be a part of a team, Help others and good things will come your way!

I want everyone out there to have fun and enhoy there time on TDU2

***New people in the club please make sure to add the club name in your signature as it helps promote the club!!! - Thanks ***

**Please be aware, that i need people to be active on the forums, this helps to keep the club alive!! Write down experiences, start topics on this page about the game... But people need to make sure that they write on the forums otherwise they will not be able to be members of the club and will be removed because it doesnt help the club expand and grow... Thanks for your time, it's appreciated.

Please visit us at : The Relentless Home Site


Members List

Group Creator and President

Forum Name: Xenovive
Gamertag: Xenovive
Location: England, UK
Time Online: Most of the time!!


Forum Name: XIII-Exodus
Gamertag: XIII Exodus
Location: England, UK
Time Online: Most of the time!


Forum Name: cded007
Gamertag: cded007
Time Online: Always

Member/Web Admin:

Forum Name: Slinkaz
Gamertag: bLiNdThReAt
Location: England
Time Online: Alot


Forum Name: Nessaja88
Gamertag: rammsteinlos
Time Online:


Forum Name: N/A
Gamertag: Jones Bob W00P
Location: Essex, England
Time Online: Alot


Forum Name: N/A
Gamertag: x L i a m 8 9 x
Location: England, UK
Time Online: Always


Gamertag: Naughty Bear 11
Location: UK
When online: 1-5 hours per weekend 1-3 hours per weekday

Raw Recruit

Forum Name: joshclarke
Gamertag: jhc205
Location: England, UK
When online: Most evening, for a few hours between 5 and 11, and sometimes during the day on weekends.

Raw Recruit

Forum Name: Mr Franky
Gamertag: Mr Franky
Location: Australia
When online: After work and weekends

Raw Recruit

Forum Name:Turn17
When online:After work and weekends.

__________________________________________________ ________


Thanks to everyones hard work we have upgraded the club and are sitting in the top 40 of the club table!!

10/16 spaces gone keep applying plenty of room

TDU2 Club - The Relentless Xenovive
Site Founder
Site Founder

Posts : 234
Join date : 2010-06-10
Location : Xbox Live Lounge, United Kingdom


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TDU2 Club - The Relentless Empty Re: TDU2 Club - The Relentless

Post by XIII Exodus on Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:02 pm

Ahhhhhh Yea lol

TDU2 Club - The Relentless XIII%20Exodus
XIII Exodus
XIII Exodus

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