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Mini Reviews of games owned

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Mini Reviews of games owned Empty Mini Reviews of games owned

Post by R3DxLIMITS on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:53 am

i would rate all the games i have played since i started playing my 360, I consider myself a core gamer so i hope my mini reviews help some noobies to pick up some decent games they may have missed...

Starting from the bottom off my list:

At World’s End - 5/10 - Nothing special here

Overlord - 7/10 - Decent game until my brother lent it, never seen it since.

3 Forza Motorsport 2 - 7/10 - Only completed Arcade then got bored...

TC's SC Double Agent 8/10 - Great fun, If you like stealthy games

Condemned 10/10 - Scary and such a badass game

Top Spin 2 6/10 - Average sports game, gets boring

7 EASPORTS FN 38/10 - Alot of fun to be had here specially against friends

TC's RainbowSix Vegas 7/10 - Didn't really get into it, Still a decent game if your into shooters

Saints Row 9/10 - Fun and a nice change from GTA, It stands its own in the free roam genre

10 Bioshock 9/10 - Loved it, such a cool and bizarre game

11 Crackdown 7/10 - I couldn't get myself into this game for some reason, Story sucked but co-op fun helped it

DEAD RISING 9/10 - Would give it a 10 but the save points really get on my nerves. Fun game

The Orange Box 10/10 - Top notch game, pitty i lost a lot of my achievements due to recovering my GT

14 Gun 7/10 - Decent free roam wild west game, Graphics and story lacked a little though

DiRT™ 9/10 - Amazing racer game for the race game lovers out there.

LOST PLANET 7/10 - Mediocre game, Big quantum singularity bosses were fun but that's about it

Mass Effect 10/10 - Best game on the 360, Lovely made sci fi game

MOH Airborne 6/10 - Just the same as all the other MOH games, got bored rather fast with this one

King Kong 7/10 - Poor graphics but tells the story off king kong rather well

Shadowrun 5/10 - Weird game, Didnt get into it

Gears of War 9/10 - Great fun co-op game right here, Only problem was lag in multiplayer

Smackdown vs RAW 2007 8/10 - Fun game to play with friends, and decent single player aswell

Lost Via Domus 4/10 - Great graphics, poor gameplay. Its lost what more can i say...

FIFA Street 3 7/10 - Not a bad game, but recent fifa streets were alot better...

Eternal Sonata 8/10 - Fun little game here, story is decent and a nice little change away from FF

Viking 7/10 - Decent battle game, A lot of hack and slash

Kane and Lynch:DeadMen 7/10 - Completed this with a friend in co-op, Not a bad game but not great

Condemned 2: Bloodshot 8/10 - Not as good as the 1st game, but still a great horror game

NINJA GAIDEN 2 8/10 - Hard but sweet, loved this game very challenging

Battlefield: Bad Co. 9/10 - Big game, Great single player and multiplayer

SmackDown vs RAW 2008 7/10 - Game started to go down hill from here

The Force Unleashed 8/10 - Love starwars and this is a great game for the collection

Mercenaries 2 6/10 - Real let down right here, very glitchy and got boring real fast

Dark Sector 8/10 - Little gem here, really enjoyed the story and gameplay

Soulcalibur IV 9/10 - I'm not a fan off fighting games, but this one was alot of fun

The Darkness 10/10 - Amazing game, story and gameplay 10/10

Stranglehold 7/10 - Fun little action game, but gets repetitive

Brothers in Arms: HH 8/10 - Nice change in the way war game shooters are usually made, great game....

The Bourne Conspiracy 6/10 - Decent game, But nothing special here

Big Game Hunter 5/10 - Boring

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 10/10 - Amazing football game pitty it went downhill from here

Eat Lead 4/10 - One of the worst games i have ever played, Avoid

43 Mirrrors Edge 9/10 - Great fast paced game, Really enjoyed this one

Far Cry® 2 9/10 - Best graphics i have seen on the 360, and the story and gameplay is decent too

Quantum of Solace 8/10 - Hot little game here, single player is sub standard but multiplayer is a lot of fun

Fable II 8/10 - Fun game, Not as good as the first in the series

RESIDENT EVIL 5 7/10 - Real let down here, not scary and didn't feel like a res evil game

48 Dead Space 10/10 - Top notch horror game, great action and story

Bully Scholarship Ed. 10/10 - Had alot of fun with this game, must buy.

50 Cent: BotS 7/10 - Surprisingly decent game right here, alot better than his first game

Overlord II 7/10 - Not a bad game, but the controls get frustrating

SEGA MEGA DRIVE UC 8/10 - Great collection off old games, brings back the memories

PES2008 7/10 - Downfall off the series

Silent Hill Homecoming 8/10 - Scary and decent story, but not as good as the old silent hills

55 The Godfather II6/10 - Got boring very fast, Didn't really enjoy the godfather games lack of story

Left 4 Dead 10/10 - Fun Fun Fun right here with friends and alone

GRID 10/10 - Best racing game on the 360 and has a good online community

Halo 3 8/10 - Dont really like the story, but multiplayer is alot of fun

Call of Juarez: BiB 7/10 - Decent shooter story was pretty good too

WET 7/10 - Alot like stranglehold but this game has a girl and a sword not a bad game though

61 Pure 9/10 - Fun racer, played alot with friends over live with this one

62 OF: Dragon Rising 5/10 - This game got boring rather fast, plus the glitches didnt help

63 Call Of Duty 3 6/10 - Found this game a chore to complete, older call of duties were alot better

64 UFC 2009 Undisputed 7/10 - Good Fun, but multiplayer is spoiled by quitters and lag

65 Call of Duty: WaW 7/10 - Getting bored of the world war games now, but nazi zombies is were its at

66 Ghostbusters 8/10 - Never really liked ghostbusters but this game was rather fun

67 Left 4 Dead 2 10/10 - Just like the first one amazing online and off

68 Gears of War 2 7/10 - Not near as good as the first game, but horde was a nice edition to the series

69 Saints Row 2 5/10 - Dont like the fact they used the same city, felt the same as the first

70 Halo Wars 10/10 - Single player lacked, but played the life out of the multiplayer. Top game

71 Borderlands 8/10 - wow with guns, Decent but gets boring...

72 Forza Motorsport 3 7/10 - Amazing graphics and gameplay, But gets tediously boring after awhile

73 Oblivion 10/10 - Lovely well made game with hours of gameplay and amazing scenery

74 Assassin's Creed 6/10 - Lovely graphics and gameplay but the story is boring and repetitive

75 Mass Effect 2 10/10 - Just like the first amazing

76 BioShock 2 9/10 - Loved the first and this is just as good but better as it has multiplayer

77 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 7/10 - Didnt really enjoy this game, the single player lacked and multiplayer got boring

78 DiRT 2 8/10 - The first was better but this is still a gem off a game for you race lovers

79 BAYONETTA 8/10 - Weird and wonderful game very bizzare but enjoyed it

80 The Saboteur 7/10 - Decent free roam game, story lacked but still worth a buy

81 Lost Odyssey 8/10 - I was really enjoying this game until the 4th disc got scratched to high heaven

82 SplinterCellConviction 8/10 - Sweet game, nice edition to the series but the game is way to short

83 LEGO® Indiana Jones 6/10 - Fun for a while but gets boring

84 Aliens vs Predator 8/10 - I enjoyed this game playing the 3 story modes but the multiplayer was a let down

85 Halo 3: ODST 6/10 - Completed in a day, decent game but a total rip off at retail price

86 GTA IV - 8/10 - Great game with the DLC, multiplayer is mediocre

87 Alan Wake 9/10 - Been waiting years for this game, Wasn't what i was expecting but still a good game

88 Fallout 3 10/10 - I spent around 70 hours on this game, amazing gameplay and story a must buy

89 Red Dead Redemption 9/10 - Lovely made game, Story is top notch and multiplayer is decent too

90 Assassin's Creed II 10/10 - Alot better than the first, Story is awesome and not as repetitive

91 Metro 2033 7/10 - Not a bad shooter, But the graphics and gameplay could be better

92 Just Cause 2 9/10 - Awesome graphics & exciting game, only problem is the story

93 DTR: Retribution 6/10 - Bland shooter with a dog

94 Call of Duty 4 10/10 - Awesome single player and multiplayer great start to the modern cod franchise

95 LEGO® Harry Potter 8/10 - Fun little game, buts its just the same old same like all lego games

96 Singularity 7/10 - Decent first person shooter, but nothing to rave about

97 FIFA 10 10/10 - Best football game out period

98 [PROTOTYPE]™ 3/10 - Worst game on my list, Avoid

99 Red Faction: Guerrilla 7/10 - Not a bad game but the story lacks

100 Crackdown 2 8/10 - Dont like the fact they used the same city but the second is alot better than the 1st

101 Blur 10/10 - Great single player and multiplayer the daddy of arcade racing

102 Fight Night Round 4 8/10 - Just like the first fun with friends but gets boring alone

103 Brütal Legend 9/10 - Funny little game here really enjoyed the story and the environment

104 Toy Story 3 7/10 - Not a bad game here for a movie game, but way to short

105 Modern Warfare® 2 8/10 - Good single player, Multiplayer would be amazing without the glitches an hacks

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