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VIP For Next 7 Members!

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New VIP For Next 7 Members!

Post by Tripp on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:30 am

Okay fellow guys and girls, Xenovive and myself have deceided that the next 7 members to join the community, subject to terms will have the VIP Status Rank and Colour.

The Terms are Thus;

As From 25/08/2010 @ 17.15 GMT time the next 7 members who register and attain;

10 Posts
5 New Topics
1 Member Join (must stay active) can be negotiated

Will become VIP.

So whats so great about VIP you ask?

Well you will be able to edit your own posts, aswell as other posting abilities that normal members cannot use which includes the topic images.

You will have access to see all hidden forums just like the staff.

Private access to the VIP Lounge to which is for VIP's only.

You will Be a part of the Vip Only Competititons (yet to be Announced)
And much much more.........
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