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Being a Beta Tester

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Being a Beta Tester Empty Being a Beta Tester

Post by Tripp on Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:49 pm

Beta Tester Role

A beta tester is someone who installs, tests and reports bugs for a product. Your role in the testing process is crucial as it helps to ensure that they are releasing well-tested, high quality products that meet the customer’s needs. As a beta tester, Microsoft rely on you to provide feedback regularly.

If you are unable to actively test and report bugs then you will not be much use as a beta tester. Being in a beta means being commited to the task at hand.[/b]

Things to Consider

  • Microsoft rely on beta testers to use their beta software and provide quality feedback on a regular basis. Feedback from each beta tester is critical to the success of this program. The level of your activity is used to determine your eligibility for continued participation in current beta programs, and future ones as well. Be prepared to read all information provided to you for each product you are testing.
  • A key aspect of good testing and bug reporting is being able to recreate the problem multiple times.
  • Look for the critical step. This is the step that did or could have triggered the problem, crash, hang, error message, etc. that you encountered. If you can isolate that step include it in your bug report.
  • Document your bug reports immediately after a problem is found. Don't wait, as critical details may be lost or forgotten.
  • It is very important to attach a DXDiag report to your bug submission. Click here on how to run and save a DXDiag report.
  • Make notes about other issues or areas to test while working on a current feature or function. Notes may trigger additional ideas for expanding your testing into other areas.
  • If you have any questions about what constitutes a good bug report, read the topic How to submit a bug report

Testing Tips

  • Check the kit documentation, readme file, or information online on MS Connect for any product specific testing guidelines and or/requirements.
  • Test in small increments or pieces of a particular feature or functionality then expand your testing to encompass the entire feature.
  • Try things you know will or could result in errors. Try different methods to perform the same task or same feature and compare the results. What happens?
  • Run different applications at the same time. Do they work well together or cause problems or errors?
  • Press different keys or combinations of keys while using the product or a feature. What happens?

    Beta Release Shipments
    Beta releases will be shipped to you either as a physical kit or as a download. If the beta is being tested on a non-PC platform, you will be issued a token which will allow you to download the beta from an external site other than Connect. Please note that the token is unique and specific to the tester and must not be shared.

    The shipment will contain all necessary information for testing. Be sure to read all of the contents of each shipment you receive before installing the beta software. If your shipment arrives damaged, please send e-mail to
    or follow the instructions included in your beta shipment.

    During the beta program, if a physical kit is returned to us as undeliverable, your status may be set to hold or removed. To ensure you receive important testing information you must keep your contact information current. If your contact information changes at any time click the Your Profile link located at the top left of this page.

This content has been taken from the microsoft connect site, and has slightly been modified.
© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
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