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Lounge Team (Hiring)

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Lounge Team (Hiring) Empty Lounge Team (Hiring)

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:01 pm

Lounge Team Jobs Available!

Due to Jamie leaving the Lounge Team, we are currently hiring 2 new members.

General Summary

You are hopefully here because you are interested in submitting an application for
The Lounge Team voluntary staff. Before proceeding, please read the following topics so you fully understand the expectations, requirements and other relevant information pertaining to your desired position. On the next section you will be asked to ensure that The Lounge Team is for which you would like to apply. Before doing this, Do not apply for more than one position. This shows us you are not fully interested in one particular position, but rather anything that will get you onto staff.

Note: All staff positions here within XboxLiveLounge are voluntary. This means there will be no monetary reimbursement for time donated or work completed. If you have come to this page hoping for a different scenario, please stop now as you will be applying for the wrong reasons.

General Information
•The primary responsibility of any staff member is to promote the Forum and have an overall positive environment. Being available for questions and comments etc on the forum as much as possible

•Available positions are for those who have a genuine desire to dedicate time and effort to the community.

•Staff members are given different responsibilities but are not treated any differently than other users.


Professionalism is the most important thing to remember when interacting with the
XboxLiveLounge community. Being respectful and professional is an essential guideline that must be followed. Any behavior not in accordance with this guideline may ultimately result in staff removal. This does include remaining professional and having a mature attitude with any aspect of the site including, but not limited to the forums, your profile, or under any other circumstance.

We encourage members of staff to continue with forum participation and activity however you must be 100% confident your actions will not reflect poorly on this site, or the affiliates we have. What we mean by this is; you do not associate with other forums by becoming staff of another forum (joining other forums and posting is not a breach of this term), disobey the rules in any manner, and do not engage in behavior that is against the rules. Please note that being a staff ember on any other forum for any reason will result in your immediate removal from staff and possibly from the site.


1. You must have at least three posts on our website. This includes having a high amount of points aswell.

2. You must have sufficient knowledge of the Xbox 360 and the forum for which you will apply for, as well as knowledge of items/products sold in our online shop.

3. You must be outgoing and enthusiastic.

4. You must have the confidence and collectivity to speak to members on a daily basis. This includes having the ability to control a whole section of topics/threads at any given time if and when necessary.

Note: If you do not meet the requirements listed, please do not apply. These requirements are here to ensure the best possible service is provided to all XboxLiveLounge users.

If you are currently banned from this website or locked on any account, or the equivalent to (banned or have an open infraction), please do not apply.

Any applications submitted in disregard for the requirements listed will result in not only your time wasted, but ours when processing it.


The Lounge Team
Age requirement: 16

The Lounge Team's responsibility is to closely monitor the XboxLiveLounge forums to ensure a positive and friendly environment for all. This includes, but is not limited to, distributing warnings and infractions to those who violate forum rules, as well as to regularly and professionally interact with the XboxLiveLounge community.

Before applying for this position, you must display a passion for the forums and a professional attitude towards all users. Positive and lively community interaction is a MUST for this position.

Please use the following example of an application for guidance...

Thread Title: "Your Name Here" - The Lounge Team

Position applying for: The Lounge Team
How do you qualify for the job: "YOUR INFO HERE"
What skills would you bring to the teams: "YOUR INFO HERE"
Why should we pick you: "YOUR INFO HERE"
Why do you want this position: "YOUR INFO HERE"

Adam, Head of the Lounge Team

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