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The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket

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The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket Empty The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket

Post by Live Lounge Newshound on Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:11 am

so isnt it about time we opened up our very own Bargain Bucket for the UnitedKingdom?

so the idea is much like the free items thread (Which nobody has helped with The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket Icon_sad ) if you see a bargin (cheap price, no matter what for)
If you can write where you saw the offer and price and any limitations.

Any trade-in prices for games/console & type would be good aswell so youll need to put in the date that you found out for example


Store- Game
Where- High street,enfield
Game & Trade in Price - Halo:Reach - standard copy - £34.99
Halo:Reach - Legendary - £90

Shop- GAME
Where- High Street,Harlow
Offer- DJ Hero, £35.00


Shop- Gamestation
Where- Park Square,London
Offer- 2100Ms points for £4.99 when you by anything else in store ends 8th dec 10

And so on etc, you may enter as many as you like although please do not double post, just edit the current post or ask a staff member to.
Live Lounge Newshound
Live Lounge Newshound
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Inside Newshound

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The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket Empty Re: The Live Lounge UK Bargain Bucket

Post by The Walrus Of Love on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:48 pm

Game- Call of duty 4 GOTY edition
Where- play.com
£/$ - £19.99

Game- UFC 2010
Store- Tesco
£/$- 11.88
The Walrus Of Love
The Walrus Of Love

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