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No Return From Vegas!

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No Return From Vegas! Empty No Return From Vegas!

Post by Live Lounge Newshound on Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:41 am

Obsidian Entertainment must be wanting to hear their community rant even more, as news rained down today that after completeing Fallout: New Vegas, you will not be able to go back into the world. Reviewers who have gotten their hands on the game have been told that New Vegas will bring a "definitive ending," meaning no going back after completion to do side quests and other exploring.

"… we talked about trying to support post-game play, but because the changes that can happen at the end of the game are pretty major, this is what it basically came down to: either have the changes feel really major in the end slides and then have them not be very major after the end of the game, or make them really minor and not that impactful"

quoted from josh sawyer.
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