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Rules of Affiliation

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Rules of Affiliation Empty Rules of Affiliation

Post by Xenovive on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:57 pm

So you want to affiliate with our community?

Well now you can, all you need to do is add our image & link to your site, then create a topic in the affiliation forum using the code below and we will add you to ours. We have the Right to refuse any requests for any reason and any removal of our badge will result on removal of your own.

We will not add you until you add us, although circumstances may result in us changing this statement.
These are our two current affiliate images
Rules of Affiliation Xboxli39Rules of Affiliation Xboxli40

Images must be about 88x31 pixels.

This is the code you will need to use:

[b]Your forum/website URL:[/b] http://LINK HERE
[b]Your Affiliate image: [img]LINK HERE[/img][/b]
[b]Your Affiliates code[/b] Code with image and link here

For All 3rd Party Websites,
If you wish to View the site as a member does, then you are more than welcome to register, just pm an administrator so we know or we do have a Guest account that you are welcome to use if you are just looking for affiliation and to see what the site is like, again please pm an Administrator for the username and password, when finished please pm once again so we can close the account.
If you are not able to PM please email Xenovive@xboxlivelounge.com or support@xboxlivelounge.com

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Rules of Affiliation Xenovive
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