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Kinect Issues READ

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New Kinect Issues READ

Post by Live Lounge Newshound on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:38 am

Kinect "gets confused" when its users sit on the floor - but most other issues caused by non-standing players have been ironed out.

That's according to Blitz Games chief Andrew Oliver, who told the latest issue of Edge Magazine that Microsoft's device previously had problems reading the movements of those slumped on the sofa.

However, he revealed that these had since been fixed via improved software libraries.

"It's a very clever system [Microsoft has] got," he said. "They look at the depth data, they work out fairly quickly if it's a human, and then they apply the algorithms to give you all the bones or whatever.

He added: "Okay, so one big thing that people were asking was whether you could sit on the sofa. The new libraries work, but there are certain things, like in our fitness game, where you sit on the floor and it gets confused."

However, Oliver suggested that most reading issues with Kinect can be fixed with "just a bit of image processing" on the development side.

"So they've given [studios] a generic piece, which is actually pretty impressive and covers most cases - certainly all the standing up, and now sitting down," he said. "[If developers] want to go further than that, then do it yourself in software."

Microsoft tried something novel at a recent event in Hong Kong; they figured if you use a pair of scantily-clad booth babes to demo a Kinect game, maybe people won't notice the game not working.
Things begin well enough; the waves to the crowd are twitchy, but recognised. Then the race starts. And things start to go wrong.

Sure, they're standing too close to each other (which would confuse Kinect's sensors), and are told how to fix it. But there are large stretches during the race where one of the runners isn't being recognised and there's no warning or prompt on how to fix things. Worse, the game isn't pausing when an error like this is encountered; it merely carries on, the victim of a technical glitch left to eat the winner's dust.

We're three months out from Kinect's launch. It's too late to make drastic changes to the hardware, but the problems in this case are game-related, so hopefully they're just the kind of things that can be fixed before the accessory's release.

UPDATE - As a few readers point out, Kinect does also not appear to enjoy barrages of flash photography, which may well have been just as big a cause of the problems, and one you're far less likely to run into in your living room.

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When Models stand too close together!OXF POST by Akuza89
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