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Site Updates 19/06/2010

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Helpful Site Updates 19/06/2010

Post by Xenovive on Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:42 am

As you may well know a few items have changed today if you do not know then i will enlighten;

A new Nav bar

New Links to contacting on your Message profile

Updated icon on replying to another members post
The icon IS avaliable for the Members to put on any particular helpful help given

For Moderators upwards;
You have new moderation shortcuts and images

Also New Topic icons

The icon is to be used when help or request has been solved or finished and then the topic locked

The icon will be used for any suggestions on the site that will be accepted and used

The icon will be displayed if anything has come from a trusted Source

The icon is to be used when any staff is currently working on a request of sort to notify you and other staff that it has been taken, the staff member will also post under it to clarify who is helping

Now i know its hard to see on the current background but these will appear on the topic icons with the folders
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